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Dental Checkups and Cleans in Eastwood

Dr Usman talking with young patientEven those who adhere to regular brushing and flossing habits need regular dental visits. As a dentist, Dr Khurram Usman is trained to detect early signs of decay, oral cancer, gum disease and other issues, as well as eliminate the calculus that you can’t remove with a toothbrush. Additionally, symptoms seen in the mouth may be a sign of a bigger problem elsewhere in the body, making identifying them early vital to your overall health.

How often do I need to have dental checkups?

We recommend biyearly checkups and cleans in Eastwood so that you can stay on top of your oral health and catch any potential issues early on, preventing larger costs and more procedures later on.

What’s involved in a checkup and clean at Eastwood Dental Clinic?

We believe in giving each individual thorough care that addresses their immediate needs and makes a plan for any future care. To determine what’s necessary, a checkup and clean includes

  • Removal of calculus
  • Polishing the teeth
  • An examination of each tooth
  • Taking photos of the teeth and mouth
  • Detection of any signs of oral cancer
  • Low-radiation X-rays, if necessary
  • Advice on oral hygiene habits

What if I need other treatments?

Once your comprehensive examination process has been completed, you and Dr Usman will sit down together in a separate room to look at pictures, X-rays and discuss any recommendations we may have for you. If you need other dental procedures, we’ll discuss your options and go over costs so that you can decide what you’d like to do.

Are there consequences to not having regular checkups?

Some people feel nervous about visiting the dentist, while others feel they’re simply too busy to fit it into their schedule. We make every effort to be flexible to our patients’ needs and pride ourselves on pain-free dentistry from our gentle team.

Tooth decay and gum disease are only the beginning of what you may experience if you don’t see the dentist regularly. There is also a link between your oral health and overall health. Problems in the mouth or teeth may cause other issues in the body, or can be a sign of something more serious.

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